FIDDLE CONTEST & Heritage Olympics

Fiddle Contest– 3:00 at Gazebo Main Stage

Amateurs Only, No Professional Fiddlers

  • Rules, Judging Standards, Sign-up [Download Fiddle Flyer with Info]

  • Sign Up Festival Day, October 1, 12:30-2:30 at the  Tent near the Gazebo

  • 1st Place – $300              2nd Place – $200             3rd Place – $100

The Fiddle Contest was begun in 2018 through an Arts Fund Grant from East Tennessee Foundation.

Heritage Olympics

The Heritage Olympics are held near the softball field at Wilson Park.  Shannon DeWitt directs this event. Times are the approximate starting time for each event.  Sign-up on Festival Day at the Information Booth.   

[May be more than one category depending on participants.]

Egg and Spoon Race (children under 18) – Carry an egg in a spoon—–10:30

Feedbag Toss (open to all)-toss a 50 pound feedbag—– 1:15

Nail Driving (open to all) – drive a nail flush with a wooden board—– 2:15    

Skillet Toss (females only) – toss an iron skillet—— 3:00

To enter-

Sign up at the Information Booth

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