The Board

For 2018, the Board of Directors have the remaining meeting dates: August 27 and September 24 .  All meetings are on Monday at 10:30 at the Union County Museum.

Board of Directors [Votes on all agenda items ]

Union County Historical Society (3)

Johnson, Dennis 

Perry, Ellen

Waller, J. V. (Campbell, Pat)

Union County Arts Council (3)

Gloria Holcomb

Eric Holcomb

Morgan, Libby

Community Representatives (3)

Buckner, Sheila

Tonya Atkins

Betty Bullen

County Mayor or (designee)

Jason Bailey

Director of Schools or (designee)

Carter, Jimmy  (Sandra Price)

All Board Members, officers, and several volunteers comprise the Festival Committee.  Send us an e-mail on the Contact Us tab if you would like to volunteer or need information.