The 2019 Collectible Print.

 The 2018 Collectible Print

Memories of childhood trips to Maynardville where musicians fiddled and strummed the tunes of the 50’s and 60’s on the courthouse lawn inspired Betty Bullen’s Print, “Fiddlin’ Around”. 

Sometimes these shade tree musicians were just good ole’ country boys and girls. But a few like Chet Atkins, Roy Acuff, Carl Smith, Lois Johnson, Kenny Chesney, and Bit Rouse did become famous, some even known internationally. 

Purchase the 2019 print and past prints at the Snodderly House (720 Main Street) and Booth Space # 64-65 in Wilson Park on Festival Day, October 5.

The Courthouse and 33Bridge are true collector items and are sold out.

Purchase past year’s prints now at:

The Winery at Seven Springs Farm, 1474 Highway 61 E., 865-745-2902,

Union County Mayor’s Office, 901 main St. Suite 100, 865-992-3061,

or online at

Cost: $20 each