The 2017 Collectible Print 

Betty Bullen’s original print is entitled “Coming Home” and reminds us to remember the many veterans that have returned home from military service as well as those who gave their all for our freedoms.  A Heartland episode of a Sharps Chapel vet returning from WWI as well as conversations with friends inspired the artist.

The print will be available in the Back When booth beside the Information booth at Wilson Park on Festival Day, October 7.


The 2016 Collectible Print is still available.
Betty Bullen’s painting pays tribute to the “80th Anniversary of Norris Lake” and the many improvements that TVA brought down on the farm.

Only the 2017 print will be available at Wilson Park during the Heritage Festival on October 7.

The Courthouse and 33Bridge are true collector items and are sold out.

Purchase past year’s prints now at:

The Winery at Seven Springs Farm, 1474 Highway 61 E., 865-745-2902,

Union County Vendor’s Mall,155A Durham Dr, 865- 745-1561,

Union County Mayor’s Office, 901 main St. Suite 100, 865-992-3061.